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the WOTLK launch awards 2008

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the WOTLK launch awards 2008

Post  Piebarm on Thu Nov 13, 2008 4:20 am

I met some wierd and wonderful people outside game sation in the queue, here my pick of the best and worst.

Baldest wow player - Dogegg (pictures to follow)

Best costume - Some lads mum or gran, who came dressesed as a gnome

Oldest wow player - Some wierdo Roy Cropper look-a-like, he pre-ordered i heard him

most piercings in face - some scary looking fucker, with what looked like 2lb of metal through his nose and mouth, and black dinner plates inside his ear lobes.

Most colourful language - Dogegg

Most shit sticks smoked in the queue - Dogegg

Quickest exit after picking up his copy - Ballsoffire

Congratulations to the winners and for all those that missed out;

"better luck next time, cock suckers!"

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Re: the WOTLK launch awards 2008

Post  Lynqalot on Sun Nov 16, 2008 5:21 pm

Best costume: some couple who came in, one dressed as a half dog/cow and the other as like i think a paladin but had two red pieces of card attached to his shoulders.

Best look a like: Some gigantic rtard who looked exactly like an ogre

Toughest Impersonation: some guy who when we were asked what we were queuing for said, "WARCRAFT!!! MATE!!!" cos he was so fucking bad ass lol

Worst wow reaction: a boy and his dad who when they asked for 5 copies, and was told they could only have two per person... said "fine i dont want any ill take my business else where"

Most like their class: there was these two guys who were queueing behind us covered in spots and grease, and it was like they were talking through a rat's ass said "oh is this the queue for world of warcraft, awesome!!" - (gnome mage)

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