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How To Link a Weapon on the forum.

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How To Link a Weapon on the forum.

Post  Lynqalot on Sat Oct 11, 2008 7:58 am

Ok i have added the Powered By WOWhead script on the forum, that is why we now have widgets down the left hand side of the forum, so i could insert the script somehow.

Ok here goes... Linking a weapon on the forum.

1 ) Pick your weapon by searching wowhead and copy the link to it from the address bar.

2 ) Click the link icon on your post (looks like a row of three chain links), copy the link into the top space, and type the name out on the bottom space with [ ] round the outside.

3 ) You will also need to change the color if you want, so once you have clicked the link button pasted in the link, and typed the name then clicked ok, you will see something like this
[url=][Item Name][/url]
where it says [Item Name] you will need to select that and then click the swatches of different colour squares, and click the colour you want, you should then see something like this...
[url=][color=orange][Item Name][/color][/url]

4 ) Now post your topic and you will find you have a perfectly linked item on the forum
[Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury]

Its a handy piece of code which has been implemented on the website aswell, for when we get some new weapons raiding wrath of the lich king, we can put them on the news of what every one got! (Notice the colours on the forum have changed too so that the orange links appear, blue and purple are fine, but what if we get some legendary! :p)

Good luck in linking your weapons!

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