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The perfect MMORPG

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The perfect MMORPG Empty The perfect MMORPG

Post  Ssornosam on Thu Oct 02, 2008 12:52 am

Any Ideas on what the Ultimate MMORPG would be? Keep it within the realms of extreme possibility please, no "Better than Life" red dwarfisms.

My Ideal would be a fusion of Eve online for its massive free form gameplay, Having a real impact on the game world through player wars and corporations competing and taking over realms, and thousands of unexplored areas where you could find and claim a fortune in precious materials. And WoW where you could land on the planets and fight pve style through caves/dungeons etc with procedurally generated mobs, and also go on massive raids on home planets/worlds like flushing out an encroaching alien mennace.

Ok your turns.

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Post  Lynqalot on Thu Oct 02, 2008 6:44 am

my perfect mmorpg would be:

Basically the end game goal is to fight me and i am a huge boss mob, but you end up just destroying part of me so i never actually die, then u come back again to destroy another part and i wipe your raid but u destroyed the part so you get to wield like... my calf or ear as shoulder armour, something like that, then when i get close to dying i regenerate myself every wednesday and that is when the "reset" happens but basically i am a big boss mob that can never die.

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