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How To Be a Nubby

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How To Be a Nubby

Post  Lynqalot on Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:51 am

How to be a Nubby:

1 ) Every time loots drops, assume it is the one of the guild leaders, then yours.
2 ) Use any spare time/holiday/sick pay to play WoW.
3 ) Send as much gold as possible to the guild bank.
4 ) If at any time you are unsure of your status as a Nubby, just let us know, then trade us 15gold and we will ensure your status... "yes you are nubby".
5 ) You must log onto the forum atleast 3 times a day (preferably 5), and post 1 or 2 new posts.
6 ) If your fingers arent bleeding, then you havent had enough of raiding.
7 ) If a Guild Master says, "priest give me a soulstone" or "hunter res me" Do IT!
8 ) and above everything else, never listen to this guide!

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Re: How To Be a Nubby

Post  Ssornosam on Thu Oct 02, 2008 12:30 am

How Not to be a nubby

1. If your a healer or a tank, group up for some heroic 5 man fun, then just as we have gone to summon you, drop out.

2. Use any of the following phrases when raiding "FFS!, COMEON!, NOOB PULL, SORRY THIS ISNT WORKING"

3. Have more characters than Ssorn.

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